Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Finance (WASH-FIN)

Closing financing gaps to achieve universal access to water and sanitation services through sustainable and creditworthy business models, increased public funding, and expanded market finance for infrastructure investment.



Closing financial gaps for global water supply and sanitation services in Africa. Photo Credit: Renate Wefers


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2016 - 2021

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The World Bank estimates that $114 billion per year—or three times current investment rates—will be required to achieve universal access to water and sanitation by 2030

Bridging the massive financing gap will require increases in public investment and expanded utilization of private finance.


USAID’s WASH-FIN project provides technical assistance and services to help municipalities and utilities track and mobilize greater financial resources for improved service delivery.

Improving access to water supply and sanitation services for municipalities. Photo Credit: DFID/Russell Watkins


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Addressing Nepal's Water Crisis. Photo Credit: The Diplomat



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Treatment is integral to the fecal sludge management chain in Senegal. Photo Credit: ONAS Senegal


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WASH-FIN Where We Work Map


  • Duration: 3 years (started May 2017)
  • Budget: $5 million
  • Goal: To expand financing for viable utility companies aimed at increasing investment in expanded access to or improved service quality of safe and reliable water and adequate sanitation.
  • Specific Objectives: Financial Flows Tracking; Creditworthiness and Investment Planning; and Transaction Facilitation


  • Duration: 1.5 years (started July 2017)
  • Budget: $1.8 million
  • Goal: To expand financing for viable municipalities aimed at increasing investment in expanded access to or improved service quality of safe and reliable water and adequate sanitation. 
  • Specific Objectives: Transaction Facilitation, and Knowledge Sharing through workshops


  • Duration: 2 years (started August 2017)
  • Budget: $2 million
  • Goal: Expand access to WASH financing by supporting the design of a “Blue Fund” financing facility and providing transaction facilitation for private sanitation service providers, aimed at increasing investment in safe and reliable services.
  • Specific Objectives: Design of Sustainable WASH Funding Mechanism; and Transaction Advisory Services to Private WASH Providers


  • Duration: 2.5 years (started September 2017)
  • Budget: $2.6 million
  • Goal: To develop and institutionalize sub-national WASH services models, based on commercially viable approaches to customer-centered service delivery, using cost-reflective tariffs and clear business plans which facilitate access to blended repayable finance from the Government of Nepal’s Town Development Fund.
  • Specific Objectives: Institutional Models for Water Supply and Faecal Sludge Management; Creditworthiness Enhancement; and Knowledge Sharing


  • Duration: 3 years (started September 2017)
  • Budget: $3 million
  • Goal: To expand the market for commercial lending into the WASH sector, complete loan agreements for private water service providers with possible use of credit enhancements, aimed at sustainable WASH infrastructure and service delivery.
  • Specific Objectives: Creditworthiness and Market Assessments; Access to Local Commercial Market Finance; and Knowledge Sharing


  • Duration: 1 year (started October 2018)
  • Budget: $1 million
  • Goal: To operationalize the Government of the Philippines’ Unified Financing Framework (UFF) with an institutional structure that can rationalize financial flows into the WASH sector aimed at increased investment in improved quality of safe and reliable water and adequate sanitation services, and tracking of expenditure.
  • Specific Objectives: UFF Establishment and TrackFin


  • Duration: 2.5 years (started November 2018)
  • Budget: $4.7 million
  • Goal: Expand financing for viable water and sanitation service providers to enable them to invest in improving service quality and/or increasing client access to safe water and adequate sanitation.
  • Specific Objectives: Increase Understanding of WASH Financing Options,  Transaction Support Services to Private WASH Providers, Support for Alternative Financing Opportunities

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Contact details: Ella Lazarte elazarte@usaid.gov or Sam Huston sam.huston@washfin.org.


Reliable clean water supply is the basis for good hygiene practice in Kenya. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock