A Financing Framework for Water Supply and Sanitation in the Philippines

Photo credit: Eric Merced

The Philippines achieved the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for water supply and sanitation in 2015, with 88 percent of the population accessing safe water supply and 94 percent accessing basic sanitation services. According to estimates in the recent Philippine Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan (PWSSMP), achieving universal WSS coverage by 2030 and eliminating open defecation by 2022 will require an investment of about 1.3 trillion Philippine pesos (approximately US$ 27.3 billion).

The public sector faces multiple fundamental challenges in the development, rehabilitation, and management of the infrastructure required to deliver sustainable WASH services. This brief discusses the efforts of WASH-FIN Philippines to help streamline and expand the amount of WASH financing for improved provision and quality of WSS in the Philippines. It reflects on lessons learned and their applicability in each country as well as for USAID and the broader water and sanitation sector.

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