USAID’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Finance 2 (WASH-FIN 2) activity, aims to mobilize $375 million by 2027 for climate-resilient water and sanitation services and strengthen at least 165 sector institutions and service providers. This program will mobilize funds from a mix of private investments, government appropriations, and user fees, and implementation will focus on addressing bottlenecks in the enabling environment, including policy, legal, and regulatory challenges. India, Ghana, and Kenya are the initial focus countries with additional buy-ins expected.

WASH-FIN 2’s key objectives include:

  • Strengthening governance focuses on working through government, civil society, and service providers to strengthen governance and increase public funding for the water and sanitation sector. Through a collaborative and data-driven approach that aligns with existing strategies and programs, USAID will assist integrating water and sanitation into National Adaptation Plans and Nationally Determined Contributions and pursue water and sanitation investments with Nationally Accredited Entities.
  • Improving climate resilient performance of service providers provides on-demand technical assistance to increase the reliability, sustainability, and profitability of service providers, including identifying adaptation strategies and pursuing climate resilient design and linking these planned investments with viable climate and other financing options.
  • Mobilizing finance provides project preparation and transaction advisory services for public and private finance. The program also includes options for catalytic grant funding, de-risking, and yield enhancements to attract additional financial partners.
  • Advancing global learning and partnerships focuses on improved coordination and knowledge sharing across the sector. WASH-FIN 2 occupies an important place in the USAID global research and learning agenda and the outcomes of each country-level engagement will be promoted in global forums and through online publications.


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