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In order to improve water security and public health, it is vital that water and sanitation utilities practice good governance and stand on strong financial foundations. While national governments must make water and sanitation issues a priority, both national and local governments are responsible for creating enabling environments that will strengthen drinking water and sanitation service delivery, improve water sector coordination, mobilize investment, and incentivize sustainable management of water resources.

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Sound governance is essential to achieving water security. USAID seeks improvements in water governance and financing by promoting best practices that strengthen WASH service provision and countries’ transition away from donor assistance. This collection page features a variety of technical, multimedia, and learning resources emphasizing the key role that good governance plays in improving water security at the community, state, and national levels.

Resource Collection


Reliable financing is critical to helping countries transition away from donor assistance in the water and sanitation sectors, which is one of the reasons that improved governance and finance are core objectives of the U.S. Government Global Water Strategy. USAID programming improves WASH sector financing by helping strengthen policies and institutions that increase self-reliance and reduce the need for donor funding.


Seeking Sustainability in Water Service Delivery in Haiti

In September, we had the opportunity to visit Jeremie, Haiti, to see the progress of USAID’s Water and Sanitation (WatSan) Project. The project works with municipal water utilities to build staff capacity, rehabilitate infrastructure, and improve operations. One of the main problems with Jeremie’s water system is the high rate of non-revenue water (NRW)—that is, water that enters the system but does not reach paying customers.


Webinaire à venir (en français) : H2O Maghreb – une formation innovante pour les jeunes professionnels du secteur de l’eau

Compte-tenu de sa croissance démographique, de son urbanisation rapide et de son économie en plein développement, lesquelles résultent en une augmentation de la demande en eau, la lutte contre la pénurie d’eau est devenue une priorité nationale au Maroc.

Ce webinaire, prévu le jeudi 3, octobre présentera le projet H2O Maghreb, un partenariat public-privé qui a pour but d’améliorer les pratiques industrielles et municipales de gestion de l'eau au Maroc d'une manière inclusive et durable.