Haiti | Water Security and Systems Strengthening Activity (USAID Eau)

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Activity Description

USAID’s Water Security and Systems Strengthening (USAID Eau) Activity will provide technical support to Haiti’s water service providers and the Ministry of Environment’s Institute for Water Resources Management to strengthen institutional capacity and improve management of Haiti’s water resources.

USAID Eau builds on the USAID Water and Sanitation project’s strong foundation to improve water delivery in Haiti. This investment supports the efforts of Haiti’s National Drinking Water and Sanitation Directorate (DINEPA) and its decentralized utilities to improve drinking water services for one million Haitians.

Activity Objectives

  • Strengthened water sector governance and improved financing: USAID Eau is strengthening the enabling environment in the water sector through consultation, analysis, technical assistance, and partnership with system actors. 
  • Better and more climate resilient drinking water services: USAID Eau is strengthening climate-resilient drinking water services by building creditworthiness, commercial orientation, and technical operations among the range of water service providers in each of the target communes.

Illustrative Activities

  • Provide technical assistance and support to DINEPA to develop clear standards for governance and transparency in the management of the local water systems.
  • Assist water utilities to improve their management of the water systems, responsibly manage the water resources, and advance on their path towards creditworthiness.
  • Solarize water systems to reduce reliance on expensive and unreliable energy sources.
  • Promote gender and social inclusion to mitigate the adverse effects of poor water services and poor governance on women’s safety, health, and economic opportunity.

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Activity Status
2024 - 2029
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