Haiti Water and Sanitation Project (WATSAN)

The WATSAN project began in December 2017 with the primary goal to reduce the prevalence of cholera and other waterborne diseases by laying foundation for a long-term, sustained effort to increase access to safe drinking water and sanitation in Haiti – this improving the health and well-being of Haitians. Specifically, WATSAN seeks to increase access to sustainable water supply services; increase access to sustainable sanitation services; and strengthen the enabling environment for sustainable delivery, operation, and maintenance of WASH services. This project will target the urban areas of four communes: Cap Haitian, Mirebalais, Les Cayes and Jeremie and to result in an additional 250,000 people gaining access to new or improved water services and 75,000 people gaining access to basic or safely managed sanitation services.

Activity Description

Activity Description
  • Establish an Enterprise Acceleration Fund to support private-sector WASH service providers with seed funding and technical mentorship.
  • Support high-impact and financially self-sustaining water supply and sanitation infrastructure projects, including pump repair, leak reduction, and new water kiosks.
  • Strengthen the enabling environment for sustainable WASH services by working with private-sector and government partners to develop regulations in key areas, such as safe disposal of septic waste.
  • Increase access to sustainable sanitation services and water supply services 
2017 - 2021
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