Evaluation Report: Millennium Water and Sanitation Program (PEPAM/USAID) Ex-Post Evaluation


This report presents findings from an ex-post evaluation of the Millennium Water and Sanitation Program in Senegal (PEPAM/USAID – Programme d’Eau Potable et d’Assainissement du Millénaire au Sénégal). Implemented from 2009–2014 by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and a consortium of partners, PEPAM aimed to improve sustainable access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in four regions of Senegal.

The report is the fifth in a series of six ex-post evaluations designed to provide evidence of the factors impacting sustainability of USAID–funded WASH activities. USAID and other stakeholders will use the evaluation to improve the design, effectiveness, and sustainability of future WASH activities.

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USAID Water CKM Project
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