Targeted Response for Agriculture, Income and Nutrition (TRAIN)

SWC structure in Tach Gayint

Food for the Hungry Ethiopia (FHE) has been implementing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Targeted Response for Agriculture, Income and Nutrition (TRAIN) project in support of the Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) in six chronically food insecure and drought prone Woredas of Amhara Region. The targeted Woredas include Lay Gayint, Tach Gayint, and Simada in South Gondar Zone as well as Ziquala, Sahila, and Abergelie in Wag-Himra Zone. These Woredas have been plagued with a range of shocks such as recurrent droughts, environmental degradation, population pressure, and human and animal diseases, all greatly contributing to chronic food insecurity.

Activity Description

Activity Description

USAID financed the TRAIN project with the aim of supporting the Government of Ethiopia’s (GoE) PSNP. TRAIN was launched on September 30, 2016 and will end on September 29, 2021. The project primarily targets 245,139 beneficiaries (211,327 chronically food insecure and 33,812 contingency beneficiaries). USAID obligated $9,174,875 cash budget and 20,004 metric tons (MT) of food commodities for the implementation of the program during the reporting fiscal year.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes
  • Improved Resilience of HHs/Communities to Shocks
  • Increased Availability of Safe, Diverse, Nutritious and High Value Food
  • Increased Equitable Income for Men, Women and Youth
  • Improved Nutrition for Children under Five, Pregnant and Lactating
  • Women (PLW) and Women of Reproductive Age (WRA), Including Adolescent Girls
2016 - 2021
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