Rwanda | Isoko y’Ubuzima (THRIVE)

Photo Credit: Water For People

Isoko y’Ubuzima (“source of life”), a 5-year USAID-funded activity, provides technical and financial support for the Government of Rwanda through three strategic objectives:

  • Improve WASH governance
  • Improve drinking water services
  • Improve sanitation and handwashing services and products

The activity is implemented by a consortium led by Water For People to improve WASH service delivery. Isoko y’Ubuzima will channel the consortium's experience in working closely with national and district governments, the private sector, communities, and realize improved water access for 100,000 Rwandans.

Districts where Isoko y'Ubuzima is active.
Image credit: Water For People.

The goal of Isoko y’Ubuzima is to increase and sustain equitable access to and use of safe drinking water and sanitation services and builds on the achievements under Isuku Iwacu, a USAID-funded program that was active from 2016-2020.


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2021 - 2026
Activity Status
Prime Implementing Partner
Funding Level

Contributions to the U.S. Global Water Strategy

Strategic Objective 1 Strengthen sector governance, financing, institutions, and markets

Strategic Objective 2 Increase equitable access to safe, sustainable, and climate-resilient water and sanitation services, and adoption of key hygiene behaviours