Rwanda Rural Sanitation Activity (Isuku Iwacu)

The Isuku Iwacu Activity (also known as Rwanda Rural Sanitation Activity) is a four-year rural sanitation project awarded on September 2, 2016, and estimated to be completed by November 9, 2020. The Activity is being executed by a consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) headed by SNV, and includes World Vision International and Water for People.

The overall goal of the Isuku Iwacu Activity is to increase local ownership and capacity to deliver sustainable, high quality sanitation and hygiene services designed to tackle childhood stunting. To accomplish this goal, Isuku Iwacu will improve access to and encourage correct, consistent use of household sanitation and hygiene facilities by (i) directly supporting and contributing to the Government of Rwanda’s (GoR) led efforts to improve access to sanitation in Rwanda, and (ii) promoting districtwide, private sector-driven household sanitation and hygiene interventions and on district- and national-level capacity development.

Within its private sector-driven approach, Isuku Iwacu will engage existing or potential private sector actors within the sanitation space, in order to bolster Rwanda’s sanitation private sector and the sanitation market more broadly. Such actors may include the following: potential entrepreneurs with an interest in starting businesses selling improved sanitation products; established vendors looking to expand their retail product lines; companies (both local and international) that produce or are interested in producing low-cost sanitation products; installation and maintenance personnel who service these products; as well as professional associations, community-based organizations, policy makers, and industry leaders who shape the enabling environment for sanitation service provision and sanitation product retail.


Creating a Vibrant Private Sector-Driven Sanitation Business in Rwanda (FY 2017 Project Profile)

2016 - 2020
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