Indonesia Urban Resilient Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (IUWASH Tangguh)

Activity Description

USAID’s Indonesia Urban Resilient Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Activity (IUWASH Tangguh) strengthens inclusive, system-wide connections across stakeholders, data platforms, and finance mechanisms to achieve healthy, productive, and resilient cities. It aims to advance Indonesia’s development goals in increasing access to safely managed WASH in vulnerable urban areas and strengthening climate-resilient WASH and water resources management (WRM). 

Activity Objectives

  • Strengthen WASH and WRM sector governance and financing
  • Increase access to poor-inclusive, climate-resilient, safely managed drinking water and sanitation services
  • Improve WRM to support resilient drinking water services
  • Increase adoption of behaviors and improve women’s participation and leadership roles that contribute to WASH and WRM improvement

The Activity uses an Integrated Resilient IUWASH Systems (IRIS) approach to align actions and incentives between upstream and downstream actors. It collaborates with key stakeholders through partnerships that accelerate the enabling environment and key enabling factors, such as finance and data. IUWASH also provides technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia, private sector and civil society stakeholders.

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