Guatemala | Integrating Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene (I-WASH)

Photo credit: USAID

Activity Description

The Integrating WASH Services (I-WASH) project, implemented in 18 municipalities in Guatemala, seeks to expand and integrate quality water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and water resources management (WRM) services using a holistic approach that improves water governance and accountability at all levels of government: central, municipal, and local. I-WASH focuses on the public water, hygiene, and sanitation sector as well as the governance and management of water resources to ensure high-quality services that improve health and nutrition.

Activity Objectives

  • Mobilize public financing, international cooperation, and the financial sector to solve rural water and sanitation issues while integrating private sector participation to expand service coverage to rural communities 
  • Mobilize and professionalize the local labor force to improve water and sanitation products and services 

I-WASH aims to strengthen the WASH sector through increased coordination and collaboration among the central, municipal, and local levels of government, and improve rural community services with greater sustainability and equity, especially for Indigenous communities. It works to improve municipal water and sanitation offices and community water and sanitation administration committees, and to professionalize the water services workforce through strengthened technical, administrative, and financial management skills. The project’s overall goals are for people to have access to high-quality, accessible, sustainable, and equitable services; to create job opportunities in the WASH sector; and for communities to recognize and value that safe water service implies investment and management costs.

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2022 - 2027
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