Local Governance Project (Nexos Locales)

Nexos Locales’s main objective is to strengthen the local governments of 29 municipalities of the western high plateau of Guatemala and guarantee an inclusive, responsible and effective development. To this end, the emphasis is on core issues of security and justice, governance and development with the aim of reducing local vulnerabilities, particularly in relation to food security and climate change.

Priority is given to issues of identity, inclusion and effective socio-economic development. The name of the project is the combination of two words, one representing the action (of the project) and the other the territory (of the area it covers). The first word is "nexos", that has to do with the "engage" that constitutes those bonds that will be created in each locality; And the second word that has to do directly with the democratic participation in the 29 "local" municipalities. In this sense the project is named: Nexos Locales, seeks to ensure citizen participation through its voice and with it its participation in the decision-making of its municipality for responsible governance

Activity Description

Activity Description
  • Nexos Locales will conduct a mapping exercise to determine who, within each municipality (or basin), is involved in the provision of water services and water resource management. An important source of information will be the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the Geographic Institute of Guatemala. This mapping exercise will include identification of the extent to which water services, lines of responsibility, and the customer's opinion on service accessibility and quality.
  • The project will work with municipal water service providers to use their own analysis and information obtained through stakeholder surveys to develop strategic business and investment plans that link priorities to funding sources and provide a timeline. Nexos Locales will work with municipalities to better understand the views and perspectives of rural residents and to develop campaigns that adequately address all citizens' concerns about chlorination.
  • Nexos Locales will convene representatives from different municipalities and communities within a particular basin to discuss how they could work together to improve the management of shared resources. Together, the representatives, with the guidance of Nexos Locales, will develop a watershed and protection management plan that will define the roles and responsibilities of each party, as well as the key phases / indicators. Subsequently, Nexos Locales will train all parties involved in how to apply not only the plan but monitor the results with the indicators.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes
  • Sound public financial systems in place in order to promote transparency and permit participation by citizens in decision-making.
  • Strengthen civil society participation in social accountability processes.
  • Increased quality of potable water in thirty (30) Feed-the-Future (FtF) municipalities.
  • Local Development Plans established and implemented in order to improve food security and economic development.
  • Municipal Plans established to reduce climate change vulnerability and technical assistance provided for implementation of plans.
2014 - 2019
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