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    Providing support to city governments in West Africa to improve and expand water and sanitation services to meet critical needs. Urbanization in West Africa is challenging municipalities’ ability to deliver consistent and quality water&n
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    Building a foundation of commercial approaches and new institutional models to close financing gaps to achieving universal access to water and sanitation services.
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    Why would a major city choose to reform customer relationship management (CRM) in the face of a water crisis? What good could that possibly do when reservoirs are drying up and citizens are being told to dramatically reduce water use?
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    Closing financing gaps for universal water and sanitation access through sustainable and transparent business models, increased public funding, and expanded market finance for infrastructure investment.
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    The USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative (WMI) (2017-2022) supports the Government of Jordan to address its most pressing water and wastewater management needs while improving sector policy and performance and increasing local capacity.