Sustainable​ ​Improvement​ ​of​ ​Water​ ​Quality​ ​of​ ​Metrópoli​ ​de​ ​los​ ​Altos 

This activity provides direct support to local governments to improve the health conditions of eight municipalities in Quetzaltenango Department, Guatemala. USAID investments increase access to and the quality of potable water, using national public financial management systems. The municipalities include: Quetzaltenango: Salcajá, Quetzaltenango, San Juan Olintepeque, San Carlos Sija, Sibilia, San Juan Ostuncalco, La Esperanza and San Mateo.

Metropoli sponsors an awareness campaign called “Calidad de Agua para Todos” (Water Quality for All), which is addressed to local authorities, municipal technicians, sanitation inspectors in the health area and to communities through training for COMUDES, COCODES and primary schools. Using informational materials and radio spots in 3 languages—Spanish, K'iche' and Mam—Water Quality for All includes topics such as the care of water resources in the purification and chlorination of water, the protection of communal water sources, and the care of water sources.

  • Implemented by: Mancomunidad Metrópoli de los Altos 
  • Duration: May 5, 2016 - September 30, 2018 
  • Total Projected Investment: $750,000 

About the Implementer
The Mancomunidad Metrópoli de los Altos (the Association of Metropolises of the Highlands) is a voluntary grouping of nine municipalities of the departments of Quetzaltenango and Totonicapán, located in Guatemala, in order to promote the local, integral and sustainable development of the member municipalities through the formulation of public policies Municipalities, plans, programs and projects, the execution of works and the efficient rendering of the services of their competence, individually and jointly.



2016 - 2018
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