APHIAplus Rift Valley

APHIAplus Nuru ya Bonde improved the lives of mothers, children and their families in Kenya’s Rift Valley region. The project focused on delivery of quality health services related to HIV/AIDS, family planning, reproductive health, malaria and tuberculosis. APHIAplus Nuru ya Bonde led interventions to strengthen HIV counseling and testing, prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, increase family planning and reproductive health resources, and improve maternal and child health. It also works to build the capacity of local partners to implement quality assurance and coordination of monitoring and evaluation.

Activity Description

Activity Description

APHIAplus Nuru Ya Bonde project worked with the government and community-based organizations to: APHIAplus built the capacity of health care providers to deliver high-quality health services. Specifically, the activity helped people living with HIV/AIDS gain access to counseling and treatment, and reduced child deaths through improved maternal and newborn child health services at health facilities.

At the community level, the activity strengthened water, sanitation and hygiene programs and improved food security and economic well-being for households caring for orphans and vulnerable children. The activity supported orphaned and vulnerable children with education, life-skills training and ways of generating income to support them-selves.

In collaboration with the USAID-supported Fanikisha project, AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance, Nuru ya Bonde trained local implementing partners on project management and performance monitoring. Regular feedback meetings were held with all implementing partners to review approaches to improve health-service delivery and communication services as well as data analysis, outcome reporting and documentation.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes
  • Support the Ministries of Health to improve and expand services for HIV and AIDS, reproductive health and family planning, tuberculosis, malaria and maternal and child health
  • Improve and expand civil society activities to increase healthy behaviors
  • Improve and expand support for people and families affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Reduce stigma and establish safety nets for people living with HIV and their families

Actual Outcomes

Actual Outcomes
  • 1,725,371individuals provided HIV testing and counseling services
  • 499,399 pregnant women tested for HIV and received their results
  • 28,819 adults and children provided with economic strengthening services
  • 100,777 households supported households to develop hand washing facilities
2011 - 2015
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