Water Management Initiative (WMI)

The USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative (WMI) (2017-2022) supports the Government of Jordan to address its most pressing water and wastewater management needs while improving sector policy and performance and increasing local capacity. WMI works with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA), all of Jordan’s largest water and sanitation utilities, water user associations, and civil society. Through WMI, USAID is strengthening water utility autonomy and performance-based accountability, and supporting improved business practices, all of which are enabled by a strong public outreach program.

WMI’s work has already resulted in reduction of NRW, improved transparency and more accurate monitoring of utility performance, improved management systems and enhanced accountability, and increased cost recovery and financial sustainability.

The Water Management Initiative includes four main components:

  1. Water Supply Systems
  2. Water Conservation and Demand Management
  3. Water Sector Governance
  4. Protection of Water Supply

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Note: The project was originally titled, "Improved Water Sector Management and Governance (IWSMG)."


Activity Description

Activity Description

The activity will promote water conservation and water demand management, reduce water consumption by raising tariffs, and encourage behavior change through awareness campaigns. Lastly, the activity will work with the GOJ, the MWI, the Water Authority of Jordan, and the Jordan Valley Authority to improve overall financial sustainability.

2017 - 2022
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