Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene Data & Analytics (WSSH D&A)

Joel Campo, an elected government official in Upper Lumabat, uses the Lawin system, developed with support from USAID, to help prevent deforestation and conserve watersheds in the Philippines. Photo credit: Ouie Sanchez

Activity Description

USAID’s Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene Data & Analytics (WSSH D&A) Activity aims to increase the use of data and analytics in WSSH to accelerate progress toward a water-secure world. It will enable the Agency to increase data use to improve programming in the near term and strengthen the data ecosystem of the broader WSSH sectors in the longer term. 

Activity Objectives

  • Strengthen the WSSH data landscape
  • Support data-informed decision-making
  • Monitor WSSH acceleration resulting from USAID’s system-strengthening work
  • Provide tailored, evidence-informed decision support

Working in collaboration with government and local stakeholders to support increased use of data and analytics, WSSH D&A will organize virtual sector convenings, conduct research on forward-looking topics, and develop and provide training on decision support tools. These efforts will help ensure that decision-makers understand the benefits of using data, and have the appropriate tools and information to do so. The project will also monitor water, sanitation, and hygiene services where USAID works to improve the Agency’s contextual knowledge base and better understand the effectiveness of WSSH efforts. 

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2023 - 2028
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