WEBINAR: Making the case for solar-powered water systems: USAID’s experience facilitating investment in Kenya and Zambia

Rehabilitated borehole in Malindi, Kenya supported by WASH-FIN Photo Credit: WASH-FIN
Rehabilitated borehole in Malindi, Kenya supported by WASH-FIN. Photo Credit: WASH-FIN

Energy costs often account for more than 50 percent of water service providers’ operating costs. Introducing solar energy to power water systems can reduce costs while also improving reliability of service delivery. However, despite the clear benefits of using solar power, uptake by water service providers remains low.

This webinar, hosted by USAID’s WASH-FIN 2 activity, brought together service providers, financiers, and academics to discuss approaches and options for increasing uptake of the solarization of water infrastructure. It draws on WASH-FIN’s experience in Kenya and Zambia, and considers how USAID will use analysis of market conditions to better inform support for water service providers going forward. 

Engagement with the audience through the chat and Q&A functions within the online platform was high, but the webinar was unable to cover all the questions during the Q&A portion of the event. To address the many questions from the audience, the WASH-FIN 2 team has responded to over 40 questions from the event to better clarify and add context to its activities, share additional insights and lessons learned, and guide the audience to additional resources or information outside the scope of WASH-FIN 2.

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This webinar is the first of a series of webinars planned under WASH-FIN 2 and USAID is exploring topics for future webinars on solarization to delve into items that have significant interest from participants and address concepts outside WASH-FIN 2’s work such as solarization in rural water service provision. 


  •  Dr. Barbara Senkwe, Deputy Chief of Party, USAID’s WASH-FIN 2


  • Ella Lazarte, Senior Water and Sanitation Advisor, Finance and Private Sector Engagement Lead, USAID
  • Alyssa Boyer, Chief of Party, USAID’s WASH-FIN 2

Panel–Views from market on optimal means of support

  • Isaac Chibule – Technical Manager, Malindi Water and Sewerage Company (MAWASCO)
  • Eng. Aaron Mulinda, Managing Director, Eastern Water and Sanitation Company
  • Dr. Irene Ngunjiri, Strathmore University
  • Nicholas Odera – Manager, Davis & Shirtliff
  • Dennis Ndonga – Manager: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, National Bank of Kenya

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