Uganda Sanitation for Health Activity (USHA)

A sales Catalyst with the UMURDA (Uganda Muslim Rural Development Association), one of the USHA grantees, pitches improved sanitation to a community in Kaliro district, Uganda. Photo credit: USHA/Tetra Tech

Uganda remains one of the world’s poorest countries, with almost a quarter of the population living on less than $1.25 a day. Economic and human development in Uganda is inhibited by inadequate sanitary conditions at households, schools, and health centers, which cost the country the equivalent of $177 million per year in lost productivity and medical costs, according to the Water and Sanitation Program. To help address this situation, USAID supports increased access to improved and sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services and sanitation behavior change in 21 districts in Uganda, ultimately leading to improved health and nutrition status.

USHA works in close coordination with complementary development programs within USAID and the Ugandan WASH sector. It aligns with the Government of Uganda’s long-term development priorities, district level development agenda, and the needs and wishes of communities. Through a series of contemporary and integrated WASH interventions in districts, communities, and households, Sanitation for Health seeks to achieve three interdependent outputs, based on the Government of Uganda’s Integrated Sanitation and Hygiene (ISH) Pillars:

  1. Increased household access to sanitation and water services (supply chain improvements)
  2. Key hygiene behaviors at home, school, and health facilities adopted and expanded (demand creation)
  3. Strengthened district water and sanitation governance for sustainable service provision (strengthening the enabling environment)

The activity is coordinated by a Project Coordination Mechanism co-chaired by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Water and Environment.

Activity Description

Activity Description

In Uganda, Tetra Tech is supporting an enabling business environment, investing in product design and supply chain development, and exploring financial instruments to address constraints for households and private investment. Through Sanitation for Health, Tetra Tech is working with various stakeholders to develop and implement a national marketing strategy through a collective impact approach aimed at unlocking public, private, and household investment in sanitation products and services.

Sanitation for Health aligns with the Government of Uganda’s development priorities to engage communities, local governments, and utilities to expand and improve water supply services. To address water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs at schools and health care facilities, the USHA team works with community leaders and administrators and supports health facility hygiene audits, WASH friendliness assessments, and action planning. The project also supports the enactment and implementation of national WASH sector guidelines and policy reforms.

2018 - 2023
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