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King Talal Dam

Activity Description

The Water Governance Activity (WGA) in Jordan works alongside Jordan's Ministry of Water and Irrigation to promote sustainable water governance and increase water security in the country.

WGA works side-by-side with Jordan’s water authorities to promote sustainable water sector management and governance by strengthening reform efforts, policy development and implementation, and capacity building for sector counterparts. WGA improves the government’s oversight of water management through an actionable water strategy and policies that focus on measurable impacts and accountability. In addition, WGA coordinates with water utility companies to improve service delivery and financial performance. Through this work, WGA focuses on reducing network losses, improving cost recovery, and strengthening management systems. WGA also supports the government and utility companies in their efforts to raise public trust in the water sector and build public support for water conservation and sector reform.

By improving the governance and management of the water sector, water services, and citizen and private sector participation in water management and conservation, WGA strives to increase Jordan’s water security and ensure all citizens have better, more equitable access to water resources.

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2021 - 2026
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