Ethiopia | USAID Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Urban WASH)

Community members gather water from a community water point. Photo credit: USAID Urban WASH

Activity Description

USAID’s Urban Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Activity in Ethiopia seeks to accelerate inclusive and resilient access to sustainable water and sanitation services in targeted urban and peri-urban areas. The Activity addresses infrastructure and service delivery to improve WASH services to poor and marginalized communities and predominantly focuses on citywide inclusive sanitation, which is the largest gap in urban WASH services. 

Activity Objectives

  • Enable and professionalize WASH service providers
  • Foster markets for pro-poor and inclusive WASH services
  • Strengthen WASH planning, budgeting, and service delivery oversight
  • Strengthen accountability among urban WASH sector actors

Urban WASH approaches this work through three pathways. The first will strengthen WASH sector governance and the enabling environment through participatory dialogue with Government of Ethiopia counterparts, coupled with a focus on coordination and capacity-building to strengthen WASH systems. The second will work toward professionalizing, expanding, and increasing the gender inclusivity of WASH services through public, private, and financial actors. The third pathway will address challenges with utilization of services from the perspective of WASH consumers, especially the poorest, women and girls, and persons with disabilities.

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2023 - 2028
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