USAID IUWASH: Access to Sanitation Through Microfinance


The USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH) Project collaborates with the District Health Office, sanitarians and local community to implement community-based total sanitation program in Probolinggo District, East Java, Indonesia. A pilot project called "Jamban Sehat" (Healthy Toilet) has been implemented to improve sanitation facilities for low-income families. Through microfinance scheme, about 50 households in Probolinggo were able to build proper toilet at their homes. USAID IUWASH is currently working with banks and local community to establish a cooperation that will manage the microfinance funds and expand access to adequate sanitation for low-income communities in Indonesia.

The IUWASH Project was a five-year effort designed to support the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in making significant progress towards achieving its safe water and sanitation Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets by expanding access to these services.