Customer Service Reform for Water and Sanitation Service Providers: The Cape Town Experience

Increased revenues from CRM reform will be invested in augmenting and diversifying Cape Town’s water supplies to reduce the impact of future droughts.  Photo Credit: City of Cape Town

In the last decade, the City of Cape Town faced an unprecedented drought, culminating in 2018, when reservoirs fell to threateningly low levels that sparked predictions of “Day Zero”—the day when Cape Town would have to begin rationing water. In response to the customer problems and loss of revenue highlighted during the drought, Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Department undertook a Customer Service Turnaround Project (CS-TAP) that sought to improve its customer relationship management (CRM) systems and operations including metering, billing, collections, debt management, and customer care.

This case study illustrates the lessons learned from the City of Cape Town’s post water-crisis reform experiences. The City undertook important measures to improve its water and sanitation department’s CRM systems, with assistance from USAID.


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Chris Serjak, WASH-FIN South Africa Team Leader
Meredith Kummings, WASH-FIN Technical Advisor
Paul Bender, WASH-FIN Consultant
City of Cape Town Water and Sanitation Department
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