Virgie’s Hope for Better Sanitation: How USAID helps Filipino families access affordable toilets and septic tanks

Virgie stands by her family’s new sanitary toilet, built with support from USAID and its partners. Photo credit: Kent Tangcalagan, USAID

As the sun peeks over the horizon in Sarangani province, Philippines, 43-year-old Virgie Montero bustles around the house, preparing breakfast for her husband and four children before heading to work at her convenience store along the main road. Outside, her husband prepares to buy vegetables and fish at the local market, while her oldest son tends to the cow.

Virgie looks out the window and smiles. Just steps from her front door stands a newly constructed sanitary toilet with sturdy walls, a septic tank, and its own water source — built with support from USAID and its partners. As Virgie sips her coffee, she thinks about the benefits it has brought to her family.

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