REGIS-ER Midterm Performance Evaluation


Following repeated large-scale humanitarian emergencies in the Sahel, USAID recognized that continuing to treat these recurrent crises as acute emergencies is extremely costly and does not effectively address their underlying causes. Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel - Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER) is a multi-sectoral resilience project that works to end the vicious cycle of crisis and help the Sahel’s most vulnerable populations stay firmly on the path to development. REGIS-ER addresses the root causes of chronic vulnerability by increasing the capacity of households, villages and systems to adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses. REGIS-ER’s expected results are tied to the project’s three main objectives: (1) sustainable livelihoods; (2) governance and natural resource management; and (3) health, nutrition and WASH.

This evaluation was conducted primarily as an internal learning tool to better understand the midterm performance of the REGIS-ER activity. The findings are intended to help take the necessary measures to improve the program during its remaining years of activity. The lessons learned and successes of the supported activities are to be shared with USAID/Senegal’s Sahel Regional Office and REGIS-ER in Ouagadougou and Niamey to optimize their management decisions.





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