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REGIS-ER Midterm Performance Evaluation

Following repeated large-scale humanitarian emergencies in the Sahel, USAID recognized that continuing to treat these recurrent crises as acute emergencies is extremely costly and does not effectively address their underlying causes. Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel - Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER) is a multi-sectoral resilience project that works to end the vicious cycle of crisis and help the Sahel’s most vulnerable populations stay firmly on


Partnerships for Innovation and Knowledge in Agriculture (PIKA): Final Evaluation

USAID/India’s Partnership for Innovation and Knowledge in Agriculture (PIKA) program aims to increase small-farmer incomes by leveraging public-private partnerships (PPP) to develop and disseminate technologies and practices that will increase productivity and foster more effective market linkages for Indian agricultural producers and processors.



Partnership for Advancing Community-based Services

The USAID Partnership for Advancing Community Based Services( PACS) Activity is designed to provide technical and operational support to the Government of Liberia’s Ministries of Health (MOH), Public Works (MPW), and Gender, Child and Social Protection, as well as civil society organizations (CSOs), to deliver high quality community health and social welfare services. The specific objectives of the activity are to: