Project Profile: Nepal/Indonesia SWFF Grand Challenge Innovator aQysta, Barsha Pump

Nepal/Indonesia: Harnessing Nature to Bring Water Where It’s Needed

Securing Water for Food (SWFF) Grand Challenge Innovator aQysta, Barsha Pump | 2014–2017

Barsha means rain in Nepalese. Nepal is a country with more than 6,000 rivers, but its smallholder farmers often lack access to water for irrigation.

SWFF Grand Challenge Innovator aQysta invented the Barsha Pump, a low-cost, innovative solution for farmers to irrigate their fields without using fuel or electricity. Its floating water wheel design (and innovative spiraling bodies) rely on river currents to pump water through a hose to fields, eliminating the time-consuming and back-breaking work of hauling water by the bucketful.


This project profile appears in the USAID Global Water and Development Report.