Midterm Evaluation – USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative (WMI)


Jordan is recognized as one of the ten most water deprived countries in the world. Domestic water use in Jordan is among the lowest in the world, and barely meets basic household needs for sanitation, cooking, and cleaning. The influx of Syrian refugees living in host communities and refugee camps is further draining the limited water supply. WHO projects Jordan will enter a state of “extreme water poverty” by 2025 should no major advancements be made. However, Jordan currently faces a unique window of opportunity, tied to momentum generated and support for water sector reform, utility performance improvement, reduction in non-revenue water (NRW) loss, and efficiency gains.

The USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative ​program (WMI) is a five-year, $33 million activity (April 2016 – March 2021) implemented by Tetra Tech ARD to support the Government of Jordan to address its most pressing water and wastewater management needs while improving sector policy and performance and increasing local capacity. 

USAID requested the midterm evaluation of WMI to guide prioritization of programming initiatives and resources for the remainder of the project to make mid-course corrections to support achievement of WMI objectives. The evaluation results will be used to inform the design, performance, and implementation of activities related to the government counterparts, public utilities, water user associations, and water consumers in enhancing water and wastewater infrastructure, water conservation, and governance and policy reform.


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