Ethiopia Transform WASH Performance Evaluation


This report, produced by USAID’s WASHPaLS #2 Activity provides the findings from a performance evaluation of the USAID Ethiopia Transform WASH Activity to understand key contributions to advancing market-based sanitation (MBS) approaches in Ethiopia. The performance evaluation sought to understand the effectiveness of demand creation activities, approaches to advancing MBS, Transform WASH contributions to good governance, and how gender equality and female empowerment were incorporated into the design and implementation of the activity. 

The evaluation findings confirmed that the USAID-funded activity has made significant contributions to advancing MBS as a bona fide approach in Ethiopia. Through advocacy and convening efforts, a close working relationship with government, and shared constructive research and analysis, Transform WASH has shifted skeptical attitudes toward MBS and helped shape Government of Ethiopia policies and approaches. 

In particular, the activity has facilitated the manufacturing and distribution of a range of sanitation products that are appreciated by consumers and  across the service delivery supply chain. It has enhanced mechanisms to improve access to sanitation products and services including for low-income households. Through Transform WASH, business partners have developed knowledge and skills to expand their customer base, diversify income sources, provide job opportunities for others in the community, and develop into profitable enterprises. The activity has demonstrated that women can be successful in this conventionally male-dominated construction sector. 

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