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    Social network analysis is a tool that Sustainable WASH Systems partners use to better understand the actors in a WASH System, their relationship to each other, and the factors that affect their interactions.
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    Whave, a partner of Sustainable WASH Systems, is cultivating a sustainable model for rural water service delivery as a regional service provider in Uganda.
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    Rural areas face a unique set of geographic and financial challenges when it comes to extending reliable water and sanitation services to residents.
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    The Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership undertook an organizational network analysis to study interactions across WASH sector actors in Kitui County, Kenya relating to information, skills, resources, and authority relationships.
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    The key goal of the USAID Mali Livestock for Growth (L4G) program is to improve the quality of livestock, expand market access and incentives, and include poorer households in livestock value chain development.
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    The purpose of the project is to disseminate and disseminate effectiveness of adaptation measures (MoA) to climate change, with the objective of leveraging public and private funds, and this way to scale up investment for sustainable management of
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    From the ashes of this failed project and in partnership with USAID, Google and iHub, PCI then launched AfriScout, a mobile phone application that displays current water points, pasture, vegetation, areas prone to diseases, areas where herders are
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    With 2.1 billion people – mostly in rural areas – lacking safely managed drinking water and reported low rural water supply functionality rates, the Sustainable Development Goals pose a triple challenge: to reach unserved mostly rural
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    Since 2010, USAID has worked with Tanzanians to increase access to safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene services for rural communities in target areas through a number of activities.
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    The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) focuses on biodiversity hotspots​, Earth’s most biologically rich and threatened areas.