Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries


Despite the evidence demonstrating women’s value in the workforce, women continue to encounter structural barriers to participate in the world economy, particularly in industries traditionally dominated by men. USAID is committed to both promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment and strengthening all workplaces. Through its Engendering Utilities program, USAID identified the employee life cycle as a key entry point to effecting long-lasting and impactful change within partner electricity and water utilities and identified applicability to other industries. From attraction and talent outreach to separation and retirement, there are numerous opportunities to promote gender equality within any workplace.

This framework provides workplaces, particularly those in male-dominated industries, with global best practices and practical resources to identify gaps, define objectives, and establish a road map for sustained progress in integrating gender equity throughout their operations and corporate structures. 

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USAID Engendering Utilities
Jasmine Boehm, Elicia Blumberg, Laura Fischer-Colbrie, Morgan Hillenbrand, Jessica Menon, Khumo Mokhethi, Hayley Samu (Tetra Tech), Frances Houck (Iris Group)
168 pages
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