Western Kenya Water Project (WKWP)

Activity Description

USAID’s Western Kenya Water Project (WKWP) provides local governments, water service providers, and Water Resources Users Associations with the information, incentives, and partnerships required to identify and address barriers to a water-secure future. Its efforts yield lifesaving gains in increasing the availability and access to water services for unserved and underserved households in Western Kenya while enabling better management of water resources. 

Activity Objectives

  • To increase the ability of county governments and WSPs to deliver good quality, reliable, and safe water services to urban, peri-urban, and rural populations.
  • To strengthen the systems within which providers operate—including governance, financing, and WRM—building a foundation for continued, sustained improvements in county water services
  • To support sector inclusivity, by helping to create channels for increased participation and meaningful engagement of the private sector, women, and youth


Applying a systems approach, WKWP engages multiple stakeholders in the eight Western Kenya counties to increase sustained access to water services while enabling better management of water resources. The project draws together the different components critical to county-wide sustained service delivery—urban and rural water services, water resources management (WRM), and the good governance and financing strategies that help a sector to grow and satisfy customers.

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Activity Status
2022 - 2027
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