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Activity Description

In the Philippines, the USAID’s Safe Water Activity provides local governments, water service providers, and watershed councils with the information, incentives, and partnerships required to identify and address barriers to a water-secure future. Its efforts yield lifesaving gains in access to water supply and sanitation services for unserved and underserved households in the Philippines’ most water-stressed communities.The Activity is expected to strengthen services for 1.1 million Filipinos.

Activity Objectives

  • Increase access to resilient water supply and sanitation services
  • Improve sustainable management of water resources 
  • Strengthen water sector governance

Applying a systems approach that strengthens linkages between upstream and downstream stakeholders in the Negros Occidental and Sarangani and Palawan Provinces, Safe Water works at multiple levels to improve water and sanitation services. Its activities include: (1) building the technical and managerial capacities of water service providers, emphasizing the application of water data and information to design, operate, and maintain resilient natural and built assets; (2) increasing planning and coordination among local, regional, and watershed stakeholders; and (3) improving the resilience of upstream water supplies through integrated water resources management and reducing the volume of downstream demand by building a constituency of water-wise households and businesses.

Safe Water also works to promote sustainable financing for water resources management and water supply and sanitation. It also links upland communities with the private sector to jointly work together for healthier and more sustainable forests and watersheds

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Activity Status
2019 - 2024
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