Lebanon | Community Support Program - Task Order 5 (CSP)

The newly constructed sludge management building and the new cover above the drying bed at Aitanit WWTP, Lebanon. Credit: USAID Community Support Program

Activity Description

Tensions in Lebanon are mounting over resources and livelihoods. Despite advances in rebuilding the country’s physical, social, and economic infrastructure, many Lebanese citizens continue to experience inadequate access to public services and economic opportunities. The Syrian conflict has placed additional strain on communities, reducing cross-border trade and bringing an estimated 1.5 million refugees to Lebanon. Host-community fatigue and tensions over resources and livelihoods are mounting.

In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) in Lebanon is working to reduce tensions that contribute to conflict in Lebanon’s North, South, and Beqaa governorates. CSP provides both stabilization and development support, addressing the former with rapid response activities that meet immediate needs and the latter with medium- to long-term activities. The program also provides technical assistance and capacity building to municipalities and other local partners to sustain these interventions.

Activity Objectives

  • Reduce and prevent tensions resulting from unmet basic needs and lack of opportunities in Lebanon
  • Address communities’ needs for sustainable sanitation
  • Incentivize private sector participation in mitigating non-domestic wastewater pollution

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Activity Status
2019 - 2025
Prime Implementing Partner
Funding Level
Award Number
72026818D00005 - 72026819F00003