What We Do

What We Do

USAID’s Vision for Water Security

USAID envisions a water secure world--where people have sustainable supplies of water to meet human, economic, and ecosystem needs, while managing the risks and vulnerabilities associated with climate change and conflict. The Agency’s investments in water security under the U.S. Global Water Strategy are critical to advance health, prosperity, stability, and resilience in the places they are needed most. USAID helps partner countries plan, finance, and deliver safe water and sanitation services for the neediest, while sustainably managing water resources.



Strategic Objectives

USAID programs across the four strategic objectives in the U.S. Global Water Strategy:

Strengthen water and sanitation sector governance, finance, institutions, and markets.
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Increase equitable access to safe, sustainable, and climate-resilient water and sanitation services and adoption of key hygiene behaviors.
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Improve climate-resilient conservation and management of freshwater resources and associated ecosystems.
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Anticipate and reduce conflict and fragility related to water.
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USAID Water Warriors

USAID Mission staff are key to achieving these strategic objectives. Learn more about USAID’s Water Warriors.


Targets and Results

USAID has set ambitious targets that reflect efforts to directly increase the number of people reached with services, as well as new types of targets on finance and institutional performance. Read more about USAID’s Approach and Targets.
The annual Global Water and Development Report features USAID success stories, fiscal year funding information and results as reported by USAID operating units that advance the U.S. Global Water Strategy.
The Water and Development Results Map captures Mission-level results for key indicators aligned to the U.S. Global Water Strategy. Users can explore data by fiscal year and by country type (High-Priority, Strategic Priority, etc.).


Cross-Cutting Priorities

Climate Resilience

The climate crisis directly threatens the water security of regions, countries, communities and households worldwide and compounds existing challenges managing water resources and increasing access to safe drinking water Most of the worst climate disasters are water-related. Improving water security is essential to blunt the worst impacts of climate change.

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Gender Equality & Female Empowerment

Investing in gender equality and female empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale, including addressing global water, sanitation and hygiene challenges.

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Inclusive Development

Reaching global water security, including universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, requires a focus on improving outcomes for underserved and marginalized communities and those in vulnerable situations.

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Research, Learning, Data & Innovation

Filling evidence gaps and improving the collection and use of data in the water security, sanitation, and hygiene sectors is critical to maximize impact and achieve health, prosperity, stability and resilience as called for in the U.S. Global Water Strategy. USAID’s Global Water Strategy Action Research Initiative is a flagship investment that seeks to generate evidence that will drive improvements in the effectiveness of WASH and water resources management programming USAID, other funders, and national governments.


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