The Water and Development Alliance


The Water and Development Alliance (WADA) is a collaboration between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and The Coca-Cola Company and its Foundations and, managed by the Global Environment & Technology Foundation, to promote improved water management and expand clean water access to help build sustainable communities in the developing world.

WADA began in 2005 and the Alliance’s activities focus on three pillars:

  • Water for Health, improving operating environments and implementing at scale models for the sustainable delivery of WASH services;
  • Water for Environment, addressing local watershed risks to improve resiliency and future access to ecosystem services; and,
  • Water for Productive Use, promoting the efficient use of water for economic growth and sustainable value chains and food security goals.

To date, with a combined investment of nearly $40MM, WADA has provided improved safe drinking water access to over 570,000 people, improved sanitation access to over 240,000 people, and improved the management of over one million acres of land in over 30 countries.



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Water and Development Alliance
Water and Development Alliance
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