Kabarole District Pay-As-You-Fetch Research Report

A water user at Burungu borehole in Karambi Kabarole District, Uganda. Photo credit: IRC.

IRC Uganda commissioned a research study to investigate whether the Pay-As-You-Fetch (PAYF) model incentivizes preventive maintenance of hand pumps in Kabarole and Bunyangabu Districts in Uganda. The study investigated the factors leading to success or failure of the PAYF tariff collection model in the 16 communities where it was introduced in 2016 by IRC Uganda and Kabarole district local government. It also assessed if the PAYF model leads to any exclusion from water services in communities where the PAYF model is implemented. The study was conducted in 2019 under the USAID-funded Sustainable WASH Systems (SWS) Learning Partnership. This research report presents key findings and recommendations for strengthening the PAYF model in Kabarole.


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Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership
Peter Magara
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