Improving Water Quality Among Small, Local Providers in Nairobi


Urban, low-income households tend to receive water services from small, local providers (SLPs) as opposed to regulated water utilities. Understanding how to improve water safety among SLPs who serve low-income populations can help promote more equitable access to clean water. USAID URBAN WASH is partnering with Nairobi Water and Nairobi City County to understand how best to improve water quality among SLPs. This research plan summarizes the existing evidence on this topic and outlines the approach to address the following questions:

  1. What are successful approaches (e.g., institutional arrangements, incentives, enforcement, monitoring) to promote water safety among small-scale suppliers (including formal and informal entities), who typically serve the poorest households in cities?
  2. How can the utility and the county, in collaboration with other government actors, incentivize SLPs to improve water safety?
  3. How can the utility and the county leverage existing initiatives and strengthen linkages to monitor SLPs effectively?

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