Combatting COVID-19 in Africa: Lessons Learned Series Volume 4: Nigeria


This case study, part of the Lesson Learned Series by African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) and Water for Africa Through Leadership and Institutional Support (WALIS), highlights a small NGO in Nigeria working to improve the health of low-income families in communities across Nigeria by addressing barriers to effective WASH services. All case studies in the Series examine emerging experiences, knowledge, opportunities, and challenges of African-led WASH policy development and implementation. The Series also identifies individual country solutions that others can replicate, with a focus on COVID-19 response mechanisms.

Since January 2021, Toilet Pride has conducted hygiene-themed puppet shows for school-aged children at the Durumi camp. The puppet shows are part of Toilet Pride’s “Nigeria Inclusive WASH and COVID-19 Response” project. This project works to ensure that children and their families at internally displaced camps get accurate information on COVID-19 and other water, sanitation, and hygiene practices so that they can protect themselves from easily spreadable diseases.

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