Combatting COVID-19 in Africa: Lessons Learned Series Volume 3: Senegal


This case study, part of the Lesson Learned Series by African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) and Water for Africa Through Leadership and Institutional Support (WALIS), addresses how sanitation is important in fighting both COVID-19 and gender inequality.  All case studies in the Series examine emerging experiences, knowledge, opportunities, and challenges of African-led WASH policy development and implementation. The Series also identifies individual country solutions that others can replicate, with a focus on COVID-19 response mechanisms.

Since 2018, USAID’s WALIS project has collaborated with the Government of Senegal to collect critical field data on its public sanitation facilities in select areas of the country. In 2020, following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project expanded to 76 communes in the Dakar, Diourbel, and Thiès regions. This partnership among the MEA, Ministry of Health and Social Action, and Ministry of National Education, with USAID’s support through WALIS and its local implementing partner, Centre de Suivi Ecologique, will allow Senegal to better address its WASH policies and service delivery needs in the face of the pandemic and in the future.

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