Cambodia Private Water Operator Business Profile


Over the past two decades, the number of private water operators (PWOs) in Cambodia has increased, helping to bridge the service delivery gap in the water sector. This report, developed by USAID’s WASH-FIN 2 Activity, summarizes findings from a survey designed to generate current data on PWO business models and to understand the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in expediting reliable piped water service delivery in Cambodia. 

Access to finance has long been considered a key component in helping PWOs build their business and expand service coverage. The survey looks closely at PWOs’ access to finance while also examining mechanics of the business. Findings show that licensed PWOs are accessing finance, despite the presence of key barriers like collateral requirements and interest rates. The report concludes that increasing household access to reliable piped water supply requires multiple levels of support and deeper exploration of new incentive structures to overcome challenges.

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USAID/Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Finance 2 (WASH-FIN 2)
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