Students attend a Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) educational tour. Photo credit: MIWD

Private Sector Partnerships for a Water-Secure Iloilo City

With a rapidly increasing population, Iloilo City, a highly urbanized city in western Philippines has grown to just under 1 million residents. In recent years, the city experienced an economic growth spurt. Commercial and residential buildings are springing up around the city, services and retail businesses are thriving, and tourists are flocking to the city’s landmarks. A potential economic powerhouse, Iloilo City is one of the eight partner cities of the USAID/Philippines through its Cities Development Initiative. Through this initiative, USAID partners with regional growth hubs outside of Metro Manila to be engines of inclusive, sustainable growth.

Despite Iloilo City’s fast-paced growth, water systems have not kept up with the developments. In 2016, USAID, through its Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability, or Be Secure, project helped facilitate the partnership between Iliolo water utility and a private infrastructure firm.

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Be Secure 2013–2017

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21 May 2019
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Christine Chumbler
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