Toilet Board Coalition

The Toilet Board Coalition is a business-led membership organization driving private sector engagement in SDG6.2. It was founded by corporates in 2015 and is currently led by USAID, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, LIXIL, the Asian Development Bank and Aqua for All.

The Coalition works with entrepreneurs, large multinational companies, government agencies, investors and NGOs to catalyze partnerships and drive progress towards universal access to sanitation while strengthening efforts around climate change, biodiversity, public health and gender equity. The Coalition has pioneered a new perspective to sanitation - The Sanitation Economy; a market-based approach to provide sustainable sanitation while generating economic returns.

Sanitation systems have long been considered an expensive public responsibility; however, this misconception is strongly linked to outdated technologies and approaches. Shifting the conversation from public responsibility to business opportunities, the Coalition focuses on scaling sanitation startups through its Accelerator and charting market opportunities via its Market Development programs.

With guidance from its corporate members, the Accelerator has mentored 52 startups, of which 97% have secured investments or partnerships with multinationals to further advance their business. To support this growth, the Coalition connects entrepreneurs with their network of investors as well as incentivize impactful investment funds in the sanitation sector. As of today, the Toilet Board Coalition has mobilized over €32m towards scaling market-based approaches to SDG 6.2.

To chart market opportunities, the Coalition runs Innovation Labs around specific technological, business model, geographic, and/or demographic areas of the sanitation economy. The insights and impacts of the Innovation Labs can be found in their publications. Building from the evidence and business insights from the full program, the Coalition writes publications together with its members. For the publications or further information on the Toilet Board Coalition, visit their website here.


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