Water Innovations Technologies (WIT)

The Water Innovations Technologies (WIT) activity focuses on the conservation of Jordan’s limited water resources through the adoption of proven techniques and the latest available water-saving technologies.

Activity Description

Activity Description

WIT supports water conservation at both the community level and in the agriculture sector - where the potential to save water is the greatest - more broadly by promoting practices to preserve, protect, and utilize water resources more efficiently. At the community level, WIT will combine simple, proven interventions - such as water harvesting and cistern storage - to benefit households and institutions. Outreach efforts will raise awareness in the community on the importance of water conservation to further promote behavior change and increase the visibility of water conservation technologies to facilitate wider adoption. Community interventions will be focused in northern Jordan in host communities most impacted by the refugees, and will include and benefit both Jordanians and Syrians.

2018 - 2023
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