Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Project (WIP)

With the objective of improving how water resources are utilized and wastewater facilities are managed over the next 25 years, the Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Project (WIP) responded to dire improvements needed in the water sector. The project seeked to achieve the objectives of:

  1. Delivering critically needed water and wastewater infrastructure facilities
  2. Providing training and capacity building to the WAJ and water companies throughout Jordan

Implemented by CDM Smith (via their subsidiary, CDM International), WIP commenced in May 2010. The five-year investment program involved the delivery of improvements in Amman, Zarqa, Ma’an, Tafileh, Jerash, and Irbid water/wastewater facilities. WIP implemented an improved and more efficient water sector over the next five years. Over the course , a comprehensive and fully responsive water strategy was developed through the planning horizon of 2035.

Activity Description

Activity Description
  • Studied and prepared water/wastewater master plans, implementing feasibility studies, and preparing tender documents for urgent infrastructure needs.
  • Selected sites for new water/wastewater facilities and designing facilities that meet requirements such as reuse standards for treated wastewater.
  • Incorporated staff from WAJ and water companies into project activities for on-the-job training, improving their ability to plan and design water/wastewater facilities effectively and sustainably.
  • Provided quality designs and construction supervision, including the testing and start-up of new/upgraded facilities.

Actual Outcomes

Actual Outcomes
  • Developed projections on population, water demand and wastewater flow, in addition to preparing geographic information system (GIS) mapping, data collection, and hydraulic models for master plans and feasibility studies of water/wastewater systems.
  • Identified needed infrastructure improvements through master plans and feasibility studies.
  • Selected infrastructure improvements for WAJ and Miyahuna and completed designs/tenders for the East Jerash WWTP, two Amman water projects, and the Tafilah WWTP. Prequalification of contractors, tender evaluations and environmental assessments were also completed for these projects.
  • Trained WAJ and Miyahuna staff in GIS and hydraulic modeling, and installed GIS models and computer hardware/software in WAJ and Miyahuna offices for continued use.
  • Designs, surveys and geotechnical investigations for selected water/wastewater infrastructure improvements are currently underway for Amman area sewers, the West Zarqa Force Main and the Wadi Arab Water System II in Irbid.
  • Providing construction management services on two ongoing Amman water projects.
  • Facilitating ongoing efforts with WAJ and various funding agencies for financing construction projects currently under design.
2010 - 2015
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