South Sudan | Afia WASH Activity

Latrine owner, USAID Team, and Country Commissioner stand beside new latrine. Photo Credit: DT Global

Activity Description

USAID’s Afia (meaning “well-being” in Arabic) Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Activity expands gender-transformative, sustainable access to basic safe drinking water and basic sanitation coverage and increases uptake of key hygiene behaviors to improve health and household resilience in 13 target counties in South Sudan. 

In partnership with subnational governments, communities, and private sectors, Afia WASH achieves its goals by strengthening WASH management and operations capacity, ensuring women’s participation in management and leadership roles in service provision, and improving water and sanitation infrastructure. The social behavior change interventions aim to improve sanitation and hygiene behaviors and shift gender norms to increase women’s agency and decision making around WASH products and services.   

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2021 - 2026
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