Madagascar | Dio Sera (Clean Business)

Seller agents and masons trained by USAID in Fitovinany Region. Photo credit: USAID/RANO WASH Activity

Activity Description

In Madagascar’s cities, less than one in five people enjoys access to safely managed sanitation facilities, while nearly 60 percent of residents rely on unimproved toilets. In response to these challenges, the Madagascar Dio Sera (“Clean Markets”) Activity aims to support the Government of Madagascar by creating and nurturing inclusive, durable sanitation markets in the cities of Toamasina, Mahajanga, and Fianarantsoa. 

The Activity will mobilize new sources of sanitation financing, improve policy and strengthen planning, promote sustainable sanitation and hygiene behavior change, and increase the private sector’s capacity to provide high-quality sanitation solutions for urban residents.

Activity Objectives

  • Build the capacity of local partners, entrepreneurs, and government agencies to help deliver accessible and sustainable urban sanitation solutions at scale
  • Upgrade sanitation services and infrastructure so as to prioritize immediate needs while also laying the foundation for vibrant, longer-term urban sanitation markets
  • Oversee improvements to sanitation services, products, and infrastructure in the activity’s three target cities to ensure successful implementation

Illustrative Approach

  • Utilize locally-led participatory approaches, robust data monitoring, and collaboration with both public and private sector actors to ensure public buy-in and make sanitation improvements and related behavior changes more sustainable 
  • Prioritize inclusivity in all facets of activity implementation

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Activity Status
2024 - 2028
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