Local Construction Program

The success of a future Palestinian state depends upon an infrastructure system capable of providing basic services to a growing population. Prior to USAID intervention, years of underinvestment, poor maintenance, and a lack of repairs led to a serious deterioration of water, sewage, and roads networks; insufficient classrooms and recreational spaces for Palestinian youth; and insufficient health services. The donor community and USAID in particular have implemented an array of programs in the West Bank and Gaza (WBG) in order to address the critical infrastructure shortages. Despite their efforts, vast needs remain, with much of the public infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza in need of major repair or expansion.

Nearly 30 percent of the road network in the West Bank is in poor or failed condition and many agricultural roads are beyond repair. Since 1993, unpaved roads have increased from 800 kilometers to around 2,400 kilometers and are being used as alternative routes, withstanding significantly more traffic load than originally intended. In addition, some ten percent (10%) of communities in the West Bank remain unconnected to water networks and only three percent (3%) of wastewater in the West Bank is treated.

LCP implements small- and medium-scale infrastructure activities in the West Bank to improve infrastructure across multiple sectors, resulting in safer roads, better schools and health clinics, and improved access to water and sanitation services for Palestinians in the West Bank.

Activity Description

Activity Description

The major types of programs under the LCP will likely vary, though roads and water are expected to represent the largest share. Illustrative types of construction activities may include, but are not be limited to:

  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Roads;
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Water Pumping Stations and Transmission Systems;
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Schools;
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Health Clinics and Hospitals;
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Municipal and Local Government Infrastructure;
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plant components and related infrastructure;
  • Construction and Rehabilitation of Youth and Sports Facilities;
  • Operation and Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure;
  • Design-Build construction programs across all the above disciplines;
  • Purchase of Materials and Equipment; and

Other related infrastructure construction programs, which may include any other infrastructure facilities identified as vital to the success of USAID strategic goals in the West Bank and Gaza (WBG). Infrastructure activities specifically excluded under this statement of work are the following:

  • Power generation and transmission infrastructure;
  • Large-scale wastewater treatment plant facilities;
  • Provision of US equipment and materials for the Palestinian Authority or Palestinian entities

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes
  • Build the Palestinian Authority’s capacity and improve the quality of life for Palestinians through infrastructure improvements and technical trainings.
  • Develop the professional skills of local Palestinian engineers and construction managers in the infrastructure sector.
  • Create skilled and unskilled job opportunities through infrastructure projects.
2013 - 2018
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