Black & Veatch


Infrastructure Needs Program II

Not only is infrastructure development in the West Bank being performed in a constantly evolving, highly politicized environment, but since assuming limited self-rule over portions of the West Bank and Gaza in 1993, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has struggled to allocate sufficient resources to fully support the maintenance of existing infrastructure. Transportation, water and other infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza have suffered badly from neglect, lack of investment and the direct impacts of conflict.


Local Construction Program

The success of a future Palestinian state depends upon an infrastructure system capable of providing basic services to a growing population. Prior to USAID intervention, years of underinvestment, poor maintenance, and a lack of repairs led to a serious deterioration of water, sewage, and roads networks; insufficient classrooms and recreational spaces for Palestinian youth; and insufficient health services. The donor community and USAID in particular have implemented an array of programs in the West Bank and Gaza (WBG) in order to address the critical infrastructure shortages.